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Curb Straps


Aaron's hand braided curb straps are adjustable and use no hardware whatsoever. They are made from domestic latigo and give lasting service. Exclusive to California Classics.


CC's new "split personality" reversible curb strap is made of stitched multi-layered leather. Adjustment is via two stainless buckles. The contact edge on one side is rounded. If you flip it over, the edge is beveled for a little more impact. A CC exclusive.

Snaffle Hobbles

Aaron's snaffle hobbles use no hardware & are made of harness leather & latigo. They are used to keep the snaffle bit from pulling through the horse's mouth. Another California Classics' exclusive.

Give us a call to talk about custom ready to ride Snaffle Rigs set up for you.

Snaffle bit riders---be sure to visit our classic Slobber Strap and our Mecate pages.


Rein Chains

Most of our rein chains are handmade and finished. They are employed to balance the reins and bit. The chains protect the rawhide or leather reins from damage from the water trough or your horse's mouth. Make certain to balance the length and weight of chains with your reins and bit.

Rein chains can be adjusted in length easily.
Wire cutters and strong hands can shorten the length of chains to serve your purposes. 

TIP: If you shorten rein chains, put the cut portion in a small plastic bag or envelope and store in a memorable place. If your rein chains break, you can use the pieces to repair them yourself.

 Most of the chains shown can be ordered in antique brown, blue or black.
Contact us for current availability.

< click here for rein connectors >

These Chains Are Subject to Availability

or Antique Brown

Pictured above (left to right)

Double Link - Antique Brown, Black - $75
Fish leaders - Antique Brown, Black, Blue - $65
Bent Staple - Antique Brown, Black, Blue - $65
Swivel in the Middle - Antique Brown, Black, Blue - $65

They can be ordered in a variety of lengths from 6 to 12 inches.



Fancy S-HooksKnurled Chain Swivels

Fancy S-Hooks (far left) and
Knurled Swivels (near left)
Are Available on Some Styles.
Call Us for Availability.


All of these accessories look great with any California signal or leverage bridle bits.


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