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Our Central Coast Ranch Rawhide (CCRR) is made by Aaron Winchell from local hides in the authentic California vaquero tradition. It is sustainable and made without chemicals to preserve the "life" and feel that serious horsemen seek. 

The hide colors are natural. None are exposed to dyes that dry out or stiffen the strings. We get black, red, and some yellow hides.
It all depends upon the availability.

Unless otherwise stated, all HH bosals have
CCRR braided cores & hand braided latigo hangers.

California Classics has been "Your Resource Regarding the CA Vaquero and Buckaroo Styles" for twenty-one years. We make most CC gear on the ranch here in the heart of CA vaquero country (with a few additions by friend-craftsmen).

Due to overwhelming global demand and interest in the CA style, we are reorganizing CC. To better serve our customers while honoring our tradition of supporting American cattle ranchers, craftsmen and artisans, we are expanding our lines. As in the past, we will employ no imitations or shortcuts. We offer only authentic CA style gear developed here by the legendary vaqueros.

As part of our plan of action, we have closed our custom lists for rawhide braiding. For those of you who have standing orders with us, please rest assured that we have NOT forgotten about you. Taking care of every one of our remaining custom rawhide orders on a "first in, first out" basis will be our focus until they are all satisfied.

Our thanks go out to all of you who have supported us in the past 21 years. It means a great deal to us. We are looking forward to an exciting future with you and new friends. As always, CC will offer durable equine and human goods made of excellent materials that feature what one customer calls our "functional elegance."

Be sure to check in for new announcements throughout the year. We will continue to be "Your Resource Regarding the CA Vaquero and Buckaroo Styles."


On the left is a 5/8 inch Heritage Hackamore
with 16 plait body and 32 plait roo nose.

On the right is a 5/8ths inch Heritage Hackamore
with 12 plait bars and 24 plait latigo nose button.

Both arrive with premium leather hand braided hanger and tie back included.

Aaron notes that "Beyond 16 plait, the feel of the rawhide is lost simply because of the number of joints in the braid."



Roo is a much stronger and more durable leather than regular cow leather. It is also significantly more expensive. Roo is a very tight grained leather and has the highest tensile strength of any leather. It retains its good looks for many years with care.



Email or call to visit about special needs, etc. or 805-434-3858. 

Sascha and draft horse with hackamore

This is Sascha and her beautiful (huge) draft horses,
wearing a CC extra-large bosal. Click image for a close-up.

CalClassics Ranch Rawhide bosal




Here is one of our happy customers in the Czech Republic, wearing a CC Heritage Hackamores 5/8ths natural black rawhide bosal
(made of CCRR - Central Coast Ranch Rawhide) and an 8 strand changing color/pattern deluxe mane mecate.



CC Bosal


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Mane mecates & CC exclusive no pinch snaffle bits are ready to ship.

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You can email us at or call us at 805-434-3858.
If you are calling and we are out, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.