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California Classics makes shotgun chaps for most sizes and shapes. A variety of colors and leather types are available. These are of summer weight chap leather with hand cut fringe. You may also elect to have them trimmed in scallops.

Our base price on show or work shotguns includes sewn on, doubled stitched or single ply cuff, YKK brass zippers or laced pull ons or a combination of closures. Call for current price.

Floral carving, initials, brands, set stamp, etc., custom made to order.



Right: Working or cutter batwing chaps with a three snap closure.

Above:These pull on shotguns feature an armita apron. Scallops accentuate the detail of the bottom, apron and side.

These are long chaps. They were made for a 6' 5" woman in Denmark.

These panels were custom carved.



Above chaps, shown on horse.

Custom Chaps/Chinks Order Form


Chap options to add to base:

  • Stamped tops (basket or geometric)
  • Stamped plackets
  • Carved tops base
  • Pockets
  • Stamped pockets
  • Brands or initials
  • Double fringe
  • Nickel spots, each
  • Sterling silver and combination silver, iron, copper or brass
  • Elk and horsehide
  • Larger sizes (waist over 40 inches or inseam over 44 inches)

Other options available. Call for your quote.


Leslie Dorrance's black pull on chaps feature Aaron's carving with Steve and Leslie's brand and the wild rose.

Leaves are carved down each of the legs and around the cuffs.

Schaezlein sterling conchos set off the distinctive chaps.

They don't fit our college model as well as they do Leslie.  

Custom Chaps/Chinks Order Form

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