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Cowgirls love jewelry, whether they are dressing up, spending the day at the rodeo, or just working around the barn. Give your sweetheart (or yourself) a little bit of color and a dash of chic with any of these necklaces or bracelets.

These pieces were created with natural gemstones, bone, horn, pearls, a few sparkly Swarovski crystals, and lots of unique lampwork glass beads which were individually created at the torch by jeweler Julia McCormack of Glassberries ("Meltingly Beautiful Beads").

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BraceletsChokersLonger Lengths


red and pink handmade lampwork beads

This bracelet is a celebration of reds and pinks, always fun to look at on your wrist.Every bead is a unique handmade lampwork bead.


handmade lampwork beads in greensAnother party on your wrist, unique lampwork beads in greens of all kinds.



Safari choker 1 - lampwork glass, bone, horn beadsThe first of three chokers in a "Safari" series - this 14" choker is composed of horn, bone, and wood beads, and two lampwork glass "Tiger" beads. The clasp is a handmade brass hook.


Safari choker 2 - lampwork glass "tiger" beadsThe second in the "Safari" series, this 16" choker is composed of 19 lampwork glass beads, eight of them "Tiger" beads and on "Zebra" bead. The necklace does double-duty as a bracelet by running the brass toggle bar through the brass toggle ring.


Safari choker 3 - lampwork glass, bone, horn beadsThe third in the "Safari" series, this 18" choker is composed of bone beads, assorted lampwork glass beads, and three "Tiger" beads. The clasp is a handmade hook through a large-hole lampwork glass bead.


lampwork lentil pendant - brownsThis simple 18" choker is a twisted brown satin cord that showcases a swirly brown-and-ivory lampwork glass lentil.


A pretty peach-colored handmade lampwork lentil bead, nickel-sized, hung on a 16" strand of red lip shell heishi beads, with a magnetic clasp.


hematite donut


A long choker - a lightly magnetic hematite donut on a rich fuschia satin cord


lampwork lentil pendant, purples, on shell heishi chokerA swirly-dark-purple handmade lampwork lentil bead, smaller then a dime, hung on a 16" strand of cebu beauty shell heishi beads, with a sterling silver hook-and-eye clasp. The lavender heishi are really pretty.


mauve freshwater pearls and peridot choker

Pearls and peridot - 16" of mauve freshwater pearls and peridot beads.


lampwork lentil pendant, dark purples, on shell heishi chokerA swirly dark-purple handmade lampwork lentil bead, nickel-sized, hung on a 16" strand ofdark violet oyster shell heishi beads, with a magnetic clasp.


garnet briolettes and garnet bricks

Nothing but garnets - a dressier choker-length necklace - 16" of flat garnet "bricks" with delicate graduated garnet briolettes.



Longer Lengths

all brass beadsA statement piece - a very heavy mass of pure brass, adjustable to a variety of lengths (see the clasp view).



statement necklacem tigereye and agateAnother bold statement piece - lots of tigerey and some big slabs of Botswana Agate.

clasp view


lampwork glass, carnelian and silver beadsHere's a taste of the southwest: A 24" length of carnelian gem beads and turquoise lampwork glass beads, with sterling silver filigree beads and spacers.


lampwork glass and hematite beadsThis very pretty "snakeskin" necklace is a 22" length of lampwork glass beads, mildly magnetic hematite spacers, and handmade sterling silver hook-and-eye clasp.


swarovski crystal cubesAn 18" choker of nothing but Swarovski crystal cubes in graduated colors (with a few lampwork lentil beads near the clasp, which is made with Swarovski crystal rings and an S-hook).



amethysts, garnets, and pearlsA more artistic necklace, 22" with freshwater pearls on one side and strings of faceted garnets and amethysts on the other, connected with unique lampwork lentil beads and a pretty sterling silver hook and eye. Intriguing no matter how you hang it!


tourmaline faceted nugget beads

Wonderful tourmaline, 19" of faceted nuggets in variegated greens and pink, and a sterling silver clasp.


lampwork glass and coin pearls

A fashionable 28" of large coin pearls and translucent lampwork lentils, separated with small peridot nuggets.



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