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These pieces are upscale, elegant, unique, and wearable anywhere from the rodeo grandstand to a black-tie event.

All handmade by Julia McCormack in Idaho, USA.

pink sapphire and pearlsThis is a luscious huge pink sapphire (lab created) wrapped with 14KGF wire and hung on a necklace of hard to find keishi pearls. It's so strikingly pretty that I really hate to part with it.

The stone is particularly large: 54 ct, 26mm x 21mm x 10mm. I attempted to find more stones of this size so that I could make another similar necklace after I say goodbye to this one, and I simply cannot find any more of them. The same is true of the keishi pearls. I don't remember where I found these pearls (the center-drilled pearls that string together like Pringles), but I can't find them anywhere now. These were lucky finds several years ago, and the necklace cannot be re-created. It really is one of a kind.

pink sapphire and pearls close upThe clasp is strongly magnetic, so it's very easy to put on and take off, and the clasp is as pretty as the rest of the necklace.

The stone is gemologically perfect, clarity VVS and SO pretty!

It was created in Russia and I purchased it from a seller in Thailand, so it's well-traveled.


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peridot in silverThis is a gorgeous green peridot (lab created), wrapped in heavy sterling silver wire and hung on a chain of solid nuggets of Bali silver. The clasp is a strong magnet, easy to fasten and unfasten. This is a heavy, substantial, truly striking necklace.

The stone is so large that I cannot find another to replace it, which makes this necklace one of a kind. I was lucky to acquire it several years ago, and it took me years of dithering before I could commit to a design that would do the stone justice.

peridot in silverThe stone is 93ct and measures measures 27mm x 21mm x 13mm
Gemological clarity is VVS
Created in Russia

The necklace is made of heavy nuggets of solid Bali silver, which is a higher silver content than sterling silver and does not tarnish and darken.


Free shipping worldwide

pink emeraldThis 22" necklace showcases a 37ct pink emerald (bixbite, lab created) wrapped in 14kGF wire and hung on a multi-strand necklace of shiny black seed beads. The deep pink contrasts wonderfully with the jet black beads, which are accented by a handmade 14kGF clasp.

Natural bixbite comes from only one place on earth - the Wah Wah mountains in Utah - and natural crystals are tiny and prohibitively expensive. It's often called a pink emerald because it's mineralogically identical to emerald except for the colorant, manganese instead of chrome. Pink emeralds have the typical emerald "gardens" of inclusions. Because it is lab created, this stone is exceptionally large and pretty.
pink emerald clasp
Stone is 22mm x 17mm x 10mm;
clarity VSI;
created in Russia



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chrysocollaThis pendant is a breathtaking blue-green chrysocolla slab wrapped in Argentium silver (with sterling silver small wraps). I hung it on a choker-length (17") necklace of hematite because I love the way the sturdy gray beads show off the concentrated color of the chrysocolla. Adding to the wonderful color is the shape of the stone, left the way it was originally cut from the source rather than re-shaping into a standard oval.

The clasp is a handmade sterling silver S-hook and jump ring. If the clasp works its way around the front, as they so often do, it becomes another design element in the necklace.

chrysocolla pendantclasp

Chrysocolla is a fragile mineral and this is a thin slab, so it must be treated gently and not dropped.


plus shipping


star ruby


This star ruby pendant is both delicate and substantial, small and almost round. Its cloudy medium pink color is enhanced by the silver-plated copper wire wrapping and the light 16" silver-plated chain on which it is hung.

star ruby


The stone is approximately 17mm x 12mm x 10mm and shows a 6 point star which I was unable to capture in the photos.


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