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Celebrate the West with your signature and every word you write. These eye-catching, collectible works of art are hand braided in selected rawhide or kangaroo and in the USA

braided pens selection

Beautiful artisan pens turned in exotic woods are seen everywhere today. Want to be part of the herd or remembered as a favorite standout? Our friend, Julia McCormack, has agreed to offer her hand crafted pens and accessories as another expression of the traditional cowboy arts.

Click on each picture for an enlarged view.

50 cal bullet pens

Ballpoint pens made from actual once-fired 50 cal bullet shells, with braided tips. Twist mechanism, takes a screw-in Cross-style refill.

This is a heavy pen, sure to impress.

Natural roo - $60

50 cal bullet pen

Rawhide - $60

50 cal bullet pen

30 cal bullet pens



Braided on replicas of a traditional brass 30 cal bullet shell with a copper tip.
Very special!

Braided with natural kangaroo.


natural roo bullet pen


30-cal click ballpoint pens take a standard Parker-type refill, either gel or ballpoint.

roo ballpoint pen

This ballpoint pen is covered in braided kangaroo from two different roo hides for a subtle color difference between the top and the bottom. All the gold points are 14K gold-filled over titanium for durability.


pencil, roo

This is an automatic pencil braided in roo. It takes .5mm leads.All the gold points are 14K gold-filled over titanium for durability.


braided rawhide fountain pen, closed

This rustic fountain pen is covered with braided rawhide. It's rugged good looks belie the craftsmanship of the interior which will give years of service.

braided rawhide fountain pen, openThe braiding begins with a full dry rawhide, cut into a single, narrow, very long lace or ‘string’ with edges beveled to prepare it forbraiding. Each half of the pen is then braided from a single 9’-long string in a ‘long cowboy button’ with a herringbone pattern,


Shopping for someone who seems to have everything or is frustratingly “particular?” Don’t know what to give him as a gift that will set you apart? You will feel great when you give them a surprise that will satisfy even the most difficult.

Northern Idaho deer rawhide graces this unique fountain pen. The strands are cut at the precise moment of casing so that they will neither be too damp nor too dry throughout the braiding process. Moisture control is one of the more advanced secrets of rawhide. Once finished, the rawhide is very durable.

braided deer rawhide fountain pen, openThe deer rawhide pen cap features two distinct patterns. Beginning with the “gaucho” knot in which the “Vs” run sideways, dimension is added with the herringbone whose “Vs” orient lengthwise. The braiding is all a single “long cowboy knot” with a smooth transition artfully made between the two patterns.

braided deer rawhide fountain pen, closedThe body of the pen is comprised of a subtle two-tone combination of deer and cow rawhide. These hides are specially prepared and selected to use in this unusual herringbone of cow base button and deer interweave.


When it comes to gear, cowboys (and cowgirls) depend on and enjoy the best – saddles, bits, boots, spurs, braided bosals and romal reins. You can add writing instruments to that list. Whether he rides or not, anyone will appreciate and crave the craftsmanship of one of these elegant pens --- a real western statement on or off the range.

Individual writing instruments (we also do mechanical pencils) are more than merely elegant sitting on your desk; they are sturdy and crafted to be used every day. Handsome enough for presentations, you may also want to order sets (please understand that sufficient time must be allowed for Julia’s hands to create these limited edition sets).


braided kangaroo letter openerA rawhide letter opener, braided with both natural and onion-dyed rawhide.

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