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Rawhide Rejuvenator cleans and preserves rawhide removing abrasive sweat and grime. You've invested in your rawhide gear and depend upon it. Rawhide Rejuvenator keeps gear looking good naturally while extending its useful life.

Rawhide Rejuvenator's consistency is firmer than many creamy conditioners on the market, so it is not as easily overused. Many people tend to apply too much of the cream style saturating their rawhide. Overuse leaves residue which readily attracts more abrasive debris. More is NOT better. Excessive use of these products which tend to attract moisture and grime, especially on reatas, can leave them damp and limp. Rawhide Rejuvenator washes out well, removing the attractant for extra dirt and grime.

Rawhide Rejuvenator is made in the USA with natural ingredients from CA ranch raised grass fed beef and gentle cleansing agents.

Rawhide elements on a saddle will also benefit from periodic cleaning and conditioning with Rawhide Rejuvenator. Remember that rawhide should not be exposed to oils or leather cleaning products.

If you have rawhide chair seats, Rawhide Rejuvenator will be helpful. Lampshades, however, may be another matter unless plain. You will need to test on a small area since most rawhide shades feature artwork. If possible, check with the artist: the inks or paints may not respond well to cleaning.


We use a sheepskin pad to help work up and apply a gentle cleansing lather. If you cannot find such a pad, you may want to obtain a men's shaving brush for improved lathering. You will find that a soft tooth or nail brush will also be useful for deep cleaning especially in the Xs of braiding.

$16.95 per tub plus shipping at Flat Rate cost.

An acknowledged master of the rawhide arts, Aaron Winchell has seen many pieces of equipment in various stages of disrepair. He has spent more than ten years developing and testing Rawhide Rejuvenator to help owners like you to take proper care of their rawhide goods.


All rawhide products need to be kept clean. Remove abrasive dried sweat, dirt and grime. If you have Central Coast Ranch Rawhide (available only from California Classics), then it is made to retain "life." All CCRR products need is to be kept clean and rinsed. Do not be afraid of using water, just make certain that you allow the rawhide to dry.

Lather Rawhide Rejuvenator with warm water. Work in the direction of the braid cleaning into the X's with a soft brush, if needed. After thoroughly rinsing, allow the rawhide to air dry out of direct heat or sun, then put it back to use. If your rawhide has roo leather buttons, Rawhide Rejuvenator also helps in its preservation. Do not apply additional RR to this gear.

If your rawhide is not our Central Coast Ranch Rawhide, or other naturally made ranch rawhide, Rawhide Rejuvenator can help add moisture to chemically processed rawhides, which have been subjected to treatments such as lime and lye to help slip the hair quickly. Rawhide Rejuvenator, with its cleaning and gentle softening actions, can help add a degree of flexibility to these stiffer rawhides.

After normal cleaning and rinsing, apply a light coating of Rawhide Rejuvenator and leave it on overnight. Then, remove the excess and buff. This will help to supple dry, stiff rawhide for use and preservation. NOTE: It will not, however, restore the natural “life” taken by the original chemical processing.


- Never use oil or commercial leather cleaners on rawhide gear.

- Never allow any teeth to make contact (horse, dog, rodent, kids, etc.) with your gear.

- Always remove your mecate when finished for the day and allow it to hang. Also, remove it when cleaning and treating your hackamore.

- In areas of extreme moisture, inspect, clean and condition your gear consistently to keep moisture, mold and mildew at bay. Mold and mildew are arch enemies of rawhide. They can ruin your gear and waste your investment.


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