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Mane hair cinchas are a natural fiber which works well on most horses---particularly when started in the winter so the horse's own hair coat can shed and pack the cinch. Mane hair, unlike mohair, clings to hair. As a result, cinchas do not have to be tightened as much (this is not to say that you don't need to check your cincha, etc. Always check and use caution).

The fibers can be rinsed, will not clog up and be used for years. Regular sizes run 28-36 inches. They look wonderful on historic saddle displays as well.

After being wet with sweat, rain or crossing a creek the hair will stretch roughly 1 inch, so be prepared to check your cincha and adjust accordingly.

By custom order, California Classics makes plain or basket/set stamped or carved ring covers which help to protect horses from galls. NOTE: covers will not work with all saddle riggings and all horse conformations. Call for details with your saddle rigging style.

Custom order smaller or larger lengths (average wait is 10-12 weeks).

Aaron and Carlo discuss the high quality cinchas as the group visited the shop from Spain and Germany.


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