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Meet Joe Bruce - Bridle Horse Equipment & Techniques An instant classic! Colorado horseman Joe Bruce guides you through many important horsemanship and gear-related topics. A great resource to fill in some of the details not found in other DVDs. Joe takes us through his bit collection, his hackamores and bosals, mecates, blankets, and saddles. He demonstrates safe ways to saddle, catch, groom and mount your horse, and much more!

Running Time 2 hours and 30 minutes. $50

LOS PRIMEROS The Vaquero’s roots go deep. His beginnings are on the other side of the world, It’s been a long journey — 13 centuries — back to the Moors of North Africa and their nimble Barb horses. To Spain, where the blending of Moorish and Spanish horse cultures laid the groundwork for the bridle horse that was the hallmark of these superb reinsmen. To Mexico, where the underpinnings for roping and handling cattle on the open range evolved. And to California, where it all came together. Here, the secrets of training horses through centuries of practice came full flower. And the hackamore, romal reins and spade bit were refined. The best of these proud Vaqueros earned the title “Californio.” Filmed in Spain, Mexico, California and the American West. 98 minutes.  $19.95

HOULIHAN traces the journey of the vaqueros and buckaroos to the Northern Range, where they met up with the Texas Punchers. Horses in this country were wild, tough and mean enough to eat you alive. So it's no wonder this country turns out the best bronc riders. To make a hand here, you have to be able to ride anything with hair on it. That, coupled with the rigors of winter make the Northern Range Cowboy a breed of it own. Houlihan DVD is 96 minutes. $19.95

HOLO HOLO PANIOLO "Holo holo" in Hawaiian means "to get around". The Hawaiian cowboys inherited a rich history originating with the vaqueros of Alta California when it was still part of Mexico. In 1833, King Kamehameha sent for three of them to teach his people how to rope, ride and catch the wild cattle. The cattle that inhabited the volcanic slopes were roped and tied to trees (today's rodeo games reflect this). Highlighting the story is the music. It was from the vaqueros’ Spanish guitars that the Hawaiian "paniolo" (taken from the "espanolos" of CA) created the slack key guitar style. Also filmed are Billy Askew and Allan Drew in slow motion reata roping at Carmel. $19.95

REMUDA. We love stories---especially real stories of ranches, horses and families. This is the next DVD in the J & S Productions documentary series which includes some California ranches and history as well as heading into Nevada, Elko and the Owyhee as well as a visit to a ranch in Arizona. The music (which we carry here at California Classics) includes singer/songwriters Dave Stamey, Ian Tyson and Pedro Marquez. $19.95

TAPADERO. With our slick fork saddles and silver spade bits, we still trail cattle through the golden hills of California. This documentary takes you for a visit with some of today's hands and to the great land grant ranches where they still take their dallies. A visual delight and historic perspective as well as revealing interviews of the passion of those who still care for the land, the horses and the cattle. Filmakers Susan Jensen and Paul Singer. This DVD is second in the Vaquero series. 84 minutes. $19.95

as seen on NBC TV in VHS or DVD formats in stock. The California cowboy has never left the range. Filmed in Santa Ynez, this documentary serves as a history lesson, an insight into the important part that ranchers and cowboys have played in conservation as well as an introduction to the working buckaroos and ranchers of today and a SY guest ranch. $15.00

Will Rogers Epic Film: Roping Fool

The Roping Fool is now in the narrated version as Will Jr. shows the out takes and talks about the difficulty of making the film. Available in VHS and DVD $19.95


Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses, $59.95

Horse Foundations: Building for a Lifetime. A two video set featuring Richard Winters who walks you through safety and the basics of horse handling and riding including a checklist before you ride. $89.00 for the 2 video set

Horse & Mule Camping Techniques, DVD, by Buckskin Outfitters, $49.95

Horse and Mule Packing, DVD, $49.95

Mountain Saddle Horse, DVD, $45

Rooney's Guide to Lameness: the Front Legs. featuring Dr. James Rooney, the foremost authority on equine lameness using a live horse, a skeleton and dissections for his explanations. $29.95

Rooney's Guide to Lameness: the Hind Legs and Back. featuring Dr. James Rooney, the foremost authority on equine lameness using a live horse, a skeleton and dissections for his explanations. $49.95

Secrets of Conformation, 108 minutes, by Dr. Deb Bennett, $39.95


Early Learning with Robert M Miller, DVM showing and discussing the training of the foal from newborn imprinting through critical learning periods. 120 minutes. $39.95

Round Pen Reasoning by John Lyons, $39.95

Buck Brannaman videos



Greetings by Tom Dorrance, $59.95

Live at Elko, music and poetry from the 10th Annual Elko Poetry Gathering, featuring Waddie Mitchell, Don Edwards, Michael Martin Murphey, Wallace McRae, Riders in the Sky, Ian Tyson, Sons of the San Joaquin, and more. 76 minutes. $29.95

Monte Walsh DVD $19.95

By Author

Buck Brannaman

The Making of a Bridle Horse Series
Part 1 - The Snaffle Bit
Part 2 - The Hackamore
Part 3 - The Two Rein & The Bridle
$49.95 EACH

The traditional four-step technique is completely explained and demonstrated in Buck's easy going,visual style in this four part, three video series.

Peter Campbell    
Whether you ride for pleasure or competition - English or Western - The "Willing Partners" Video Series is a great opportunity to work with the well respected Peter Campbell. Have a private lesson with Peter in the comfort of your home! Each video is designed to give you practical and essential ideas on how to work with horses and cattle. Each video is over an hour long giving you ways to experience how horse and human can compliment each other and work together.

Are you looking for a safe practical way to start your horse? Having trouble trailer loading? Maybe you would like to learn about roping and cow working. The "Willing Partners" Video Series is the most practical way to learn about horsemanship, colt starting, trailer loading, and roping. If you're looking at wanting to excel in horsemanship without gimmicks or games don't miss this opportunity.

Colt Starting - Ground Work and Saddling, $49.95 Colt Starting - First Ride, $49.95
Ranch Roping - Beginner to Intermediate, $49.95 Ranch Roping - Intermediate to Advanced, $49.95
Horsemanship/Trailer Loading, $49.95
Order the entire video set for $210.00! Shipping and Taxes are additional



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