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California Classics presents our 16 plait romal (roh-Mal) rawhide and leather reins. Handmade from our special Central Coast Ranch Rawhide, our reins are known for having a lot of "life" for that special connection with the horse. We don't bleach our rawhide since it weakens the fibers.



CC gear is now being seen in a variety of locations around the world. Finn Christiansen's horse is decked out in a Mario Hanel custom saddle with a CC wool and mohair saddle blanket, 50 foot poly rope with CC rawhide honda, bosalito, mecate, romal reins with rein chains and connectors, CC sterling headstall with rounds, hand braided curb and California silver bit. You wouldn't suspect that this photo was taken in Denmark.


California Classics' signature "Californio" romal reins return to the traditional 42 inch length from the center of the rein to the bit end. Rein chains may attach directly to the rein or via a leather rein connector with button (see below $10 a pair) to the loop which features a rawhide burner to protect from wear. These allow the use of standard length rein chains when riding out. They are also available in 12 or 16 plait with our well-finished poppers.

Many are currently in stock, but if they need to be ordered. We don't like to braid 16 plait during an extremely hot summer because we want them fine and tight. Call for a current inventory to meet your specific needs.

  • 42" 12 plait regular
  • 48" 12 plait regular
  • 12 plait Santa Ynez
  • 42" 16 plait regular
  • 48" 16 plait regular
  • 16 plait Santa Ynez
  • 18 plait and up - call for quote

We are now making our reins from our signature Central Coast Ranch Rawhide.
The process takes longer, but the results are worth it .
Please call for price quotes and schedule.

These particular Santa Ynez classic reins are Santa Isabellas (16 plait with divided into four strands of four and rejoined to 16) for a strong, yet fancy look and feel with lots of "life" for the horse and rider. They are also available in Santa Margaritas (12 plait divided into three sets of four and rejoined to 12) and regular Santa Ynez (8 plait divided in two sets of four and rejoined to 8).


Our rawhide and leather goods are made by Aaron Winchell right here at the ranch in California.

Rein Connectors


California Classics' leather button rein connector (below) couldn't be easier to use: unbutton it, put it through the rein loop and the rein chain end and rebutton. These tend to break before your reins or chains in case of emergency thereby saving your horse's mouth and your good equipment. They don't twist your reins out of position like the rawhide loops. $15 per pair.

Braided romal/rein connector
Standard Length - $15,
Extra Long - $20

Set of Two Rein Connectors and
One Standard Romal/Rein Connector

For split reins <click here>

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