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wall of CC mecates



Only mane hair is used in the California Classic's 22 foot mecates which are offered in a huge variety of colors, stripes, checks and changing patterns. We sell 6 and 8 strand versions with a standard single self tassel and popper. Don't be talked into buying a rope of or including cow tail hair because it is cheap. It will give you nothing but grief.


Pile of CC mecates

Weight is really important to the horse and rider when in the training stages of the snaffle with slobbers or the hackamore. It is critical to understand that weight can be achieved by thick, coarse strands or by increased numbers of well made hair strands. At CC, we ONLY offer the latter. We also like the fact that 8 strands can provide many more color pattern options, but for most of the climate conditions our customers find themselves working in, 6 strand ropes offer the most universal appeal. 


Our mecates often weight 1/2 pound or more than many other maker's mecates giving you full value, durability as well as the ability to develop a responsive horse and soft feel.



Please Note - It is absolutely essential that you untie your mecate after every use.

Some people leave their mecates tied to their bosals all the time. This puts unrelieved tension on your mecate and over time will break down the core. It can also damage your bosal. Leaving the mecate tied to the bosal is owner abuse and we cannot be responsible for this.

Please read How to Care for a Mecate for more details.



CC mecates


The twist and core are vital in selecting a mecate. Too loose of a twist and your rope will feel great to start, but will not be durable with real use. A mecate should undergo a "break in" period. We don't want reins that flop without "life," but rather maintain enough firmness to telegraph a signal immediately to the horse. Hold the mecate in your hands. Feel the entire rope if you don't know the maker's or company's reputation for properly made ropes. Make certain that it is even and firmly twisted throughout.


One of our customers, trainer Reed Edwards, kindly took the time to gather some of the mane hair for his CC mecates A true student of the CA bridle horse, Reed also weighed and averaged all of his CC mane mecates. Thanks, Reed.

5/8ths 8-strand mane deluxe with three patterns 1-7/8 pounds
1/2 inch 8-strand mane deluxe with three patterns 1-1/2 pounds
3/8ths 6-strand mane 7/8 pound
Currently not offered is our 5/8ths 8-strand mane fancy deluxe with 8-9 changing patterns and colors 2-1/8 pounds

NOTE: Being hand twisted in a variety of temperatures and humidity, our mane mecates may vary slightly in weight.


When it comes to winter riding in moisture, natural ropes will become a little more stiff. Use an old one that flops the rest of the time and save your newer firm mecates for spring through fall. DO NOT use man made fiber ropes on rawhide or leather bosals. They can permanently damage the bosal.

A mecate without a core may be soft in the rider's hands, but it is not going to last. The feel of the rope will not maintain. The heart of the mecate is the core. Those built without cores are very cheaply made.

mecates at Cal Classics

The prickly hair will wear off with use. If needed, try light gloves. Do NOT cut, burn or sand paper mecates in an effort to remove the hairs. They are integral to the rope and these tactics impede the break in time and the usefulness of the rope.

Make certain that you invest in properly made mecates with plenty of protein rich fiber that are sufficiently twisted. Some fibers are known for stretching, particularly the curly/wavy yak. When sweated or damp, the results can be "interesting" especially used for a cincha. Although a creative use of the animal's soft hair, the yak was not part of the traditional CA vaquero cattle culture.

Don't be fooled: invest in the best gear you can and trade up when possible.



Effective May 15, 2016

California Classics' deluxe mane hair mecates feature three different pattern/color changes. Set your hackamore or snaffle with slobbers apart from the rest. These are available in limited supply only.


Mane Mecates:

3/8 in. 6 strand $120
3/8 in. 8 strand $145
3/8 in. 6 strand deluxe $155
3/8 in. 8 strand deluxe $175
1/2 in. 6 strand $160
1/2 in. 8 strand $180
1/2 in. 6 strand deluxe $185
1/2 in. 8 strand deluxe $210
5/8 in. 6 strand $195
5/8 in. 8 strand $215
5/8 in. 6 strand deluxe $225
5/8 in. 8 strand deluxe $245
3/4 in. 6 strand $250
3/4 in. 8 strand $245

Mane mecate "sleeves" may be added to new CC mecates to protect the tender chin of the horse from potential abrasion (as suggested by Dick Deller in his book One Man's Opinion) -- add $15.

NOTE: We don't offer custom color combinations, but we will work with you to select just the right mecate. Dorothy can help you with coordination of your whole outfit if you are showing. Just ask. 

California Classics' deluxe mane hair mecates feature three different pattern/color changes. Set your hackamore or snaffle with slobbers apart from the rest. These are available in limited supply only.     

Click Here to View Our Deluxe Mane Hair Mecates

Get Down Ropes


Get down ropes are for leading and preserving the mouth when using a bit. These are NOT tie downs, which are not part of the CA bridle horse tradition. Also, they are not needed with hackamores since there is already a mecate lead "built in" the rig. 

get down poly

Get down ropes of mane hair (right) are 16 feet long with tassel and braided rawhide or roo button.
3/8ths mane get down colors and patterns will vary.

Our CC poly solid braid get down ropes (left) are 16 feet long and feature a tassel and braided rawhide or roo button.
Poly get down ropes also may vary in color and pattern.

Nylon get down ropes (above and below) are also available. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

How to Tie a Get Down Rope

Would You Like a Mecate?

Call 1-805-434-3858 to order

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get down mane
Aaron (right) gives a little instruction



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