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Our shop spur straps are made of fine leather and many are lined and stitched. We can make them plain, basket stamped, floral or figure carved or personalized with your initials, brands, or drawings. You may have the California Classic, the swell, the dove wing, the strap/buckle over or any of a variety of other styles including historic replicas. Sterling conchos, spots and buckle sets can be added.




The Visalia type buckle over style to the left is lined and stitched. It is shown with floral carving and stamping and chrome plated buckles.

On the right is our Regular size Main and Winchester single ply.




Ladies' and childrens' sizes are available by order.
Silver mounted spur straps are also available. 
Call for a quote on custom orders.


Main and Winchester single ply scallop with nickel spots and chrome plated buckles shown with a border stamp. Your choice of brass or nickel .

Large Main and Winchester style scalloped spur straps are single ply.


Cliff Mortimer's spur straps with Ed Field spurs and conchos. He has the matching Field bit, too.

Aaron carved and stamped the traditional wild rose pattern on his Visalia style straps. Look for these in Michigan where Cliff is a farrier (when he isn't riding).


These are Aaron's spur straps after a Visalia pattern.
They were made for Finn Christiansen of Denmark (Finn's boots are seen in the pic). The antiqued scalloped edged sterling high domed conchos are by R. Schaezlein and Son who engraved them in the old style to coordinate with the old Visalia pattern.



These spur straps were custom made for Dale Carnes who is stationed in Iraq as a Christmas gift for his wife. Dale couldn't be home for the holidays, but his heart was sent home where we hope he will be very soon. Sterling hearts have dimension and the hand engraving is defined with antiquing.

The double heart spur strap is a CC exclusive.



This exclusive heart shaped lady's spur strap is hand carved with a variety of flowers.
This one features very fine water lilies.
Shown unfinished, it gives one an idea of the shape.
It runs 8 inches from mid-concho area to the end of the strap.
It is lined and stitched for durability.
Chrome plated buckles are included standard,
but sterling appointments make this a special gift
for someone special or yourself.
Call for a current quote.


The Rose lady's spur strap features
the most romantic of all flowers, a hand carved rose.
It is about 8 inches from the concho center to the very end of the strap.
Chrome plated buckles are included,
but you may order them with sterling buckles, tips and keepers
as well as conchos.
Call for a current quote.


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