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How to select, fit, adjust, care for and use your gear

The Bridle Horse

What Are the Steps to a Bridle Horse?


A Rawhider's Journal

What is the Difference Between Rawhide and Leather?

Materials Used at CC for Hackamores & Bosals

How to Care for Rawhide

Vaquero Gear

What Questions Should I Ask When Shopping for a Bosal?

What Equipment & Gear Should I Have?

Selecting and Ordering Gear for Me and My Horse

How to Fit a Bosal

How to Measure a Bosal

How to Tie Back the Hanger

Choosing a Bosal Diameter

Why Not Use a Rope Halter Instead of a Bosal?

How to Tie the Bosalita

Using and Adjusting a Fiador

How to Tie and Use a Get Down Rope

What Should I Look For in a Good Mecate?

How to Care for a Mecate

The Quirt

What Are Armitas?

La Boca Mojada

What are Slobber Bars?

What are Slobber Chains?

Tying Slobber Straps

Attaching & Using Rein Chains

Snaffle Bits & the CA Vaquero Style

How to Care for Bits

How to Choose a Cinch

Useful Knots

The Heel Knot

How to Tie a Bowline Knot

The Legendary Alamar Knot

The Diamond Knot


CC Bosal
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